How to prepare our ground in the spring?

Spring is the time to get the most out of “your work” to get your plants healthy and to properly prepare your garden. It is also the one that requires the most investment. Indeed, outdoor spaces are often neglected during the wintertime, and everything must be put back in place to make your outdoor spaces look like home again. To help you get organized for this workload, here are some tips to prepare your garden for the up-coming season..

Take stock of the situation and work in an organized manner

The first thing one chooses to do before embarking on work is to plan everything that The first thing to do before starting to work is to plan everything that needs to be done. For this, you must go to your garden with something to take notes and list all the work you want to get done before the summertime comes. Moving a shrub, trimming a hedge, repairing a fence as many tasks as lines you have to write.

Once your plan is established, start with the landscaping work. These are usually the heaviest jobs, and these can damage your plants if they are actively growing. Taking advantage of their still dormant state to change a fence or paint is a great solution. Then move on to cleaning up your garden and removing debris, branches and anything that is rotten or diseased from your garden. Also take the time to clean your water points if you have them to avoid the hatching of insect eggs and larvae, especially mosquitoes. 

Take care of your floor

Another priority is to take care of the quality of your soil. To do this, you can test it to determine the amount of nutrients it can provide and a suitable fertilizer solution by feeding it. Once done, move on to your shrubs and bushes armed with pruning shears. It’s while they’re still dormant that your plants will suffer less from pruning. They could thus start again once the temperature rises.

This is also the time to plant the plants that now take up too much space in a more suitable environment. Especially for evergreen shrubs that can be moved both in spring and autumn. Once everything is planted in its place, consider installing stakes and supports to guide your plants before their growth phase. It will help them to get the desired shape you want. 

Do the finishing touches and plan ahead

Although it is recommended to wait before planting the flowers on the ground, some of them prefer fresh ones. We think for example of daisies, pansies or even nemesia which are ideal to plant at this time of the year. However, be careful if you live in areas where frosts are strong and be prepared to cover your plants to protect them if this happens. You can also consider installing a shelter to protect them during the coldest periods. Indeed, if the buds have already started to open, the frost can be devastating. Avoid plastic covers for your plants, these only amplify the feeling of cold, prefer fabric which is much more insulating.

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