Lawn Maintenance

Services adapted to your trees and shrubs

In addition to taking care of our client’s lawn with the greatest care, we can take care of any kind of plants. Our specialists are trained to know the plants needs and how to take care of them according to the seasons and the signs of health that the plant shows. This is how we take care of pruning or trimming of any desired plants, but also removed any kind of unwanted weeds to keep your garden impeccable. We also blow where we have work and where needed to keep a neath and tidy environment. We take care of everything so our customers can have peace of mind and enjoy they backyard.

We also provide other services, we can cut and prune trees up to 12 FT high which corresponds to the first level of a house a small tree work which can be completed by cleaning the canopy of shrubs and trees.

Our clients can therefore count on us for the maintenance of all their shrubs and trees. Our specialists will be happy to maintain and beautify them so that they enhance each and everyone garden and lawn.

For your bushes and hedges, we prune them to our clients’ desires in order to give them a harmonious and smooth shape. We remove all dead bushes and those that are no longer wanted in their garden.

We welcome all kind of call for your outdoor spaces, we can also move certain plants to transplant them in another place and also carry out planter and vegetation installations also in relation with the construction part of the business.

Passionate and certified workers to beautify any outdoor spaces

To provide our clients with quality service, our workers are trained and certified in good practices to keep everyone plants and greenery healthy.

We can therefore meet each and everyone needs for their garden, whatever its particularities and the plant’s care. Particular attention will be paid to each species in order to keep our customer’s outdoor spaces healthy.

Would you like more information about our lawn maintenance services? Do not hesitate to contact us, our experts will be happy to answer your questions. Request your free quote now and discover all our services !

Questions? A project?

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