Yard Design

Before starting any project, you must study your goal.

This step is the most important as it allow us to understand better all our clients desires. This is why we offer our customers multiple outdoor services; designing, creating and/or maintaining, we can choose the best solution together for each and everyone needs.

We take care of everything

We will find a solution that suits everyone personal desires and their budget. Our client thus save time for the management of their project while benefiting from the support of professionals to optimize the costs linked to the design and construction of their project.

Cali Garden: listening to its customers

Because the satisfaction of our customers is our priority, we want to take the time to listen to them before launching their project. It is by understanding each and everyone needs that our experts will be able to provide the best advices to their clients and help their customers in their decisions and guide them throughout their project.

You benefit from tailor-made support for a totally unique yard design that will enhance your garden and bring a real plus to your home. We make all our experts aware of listening to and respecting the instructions of our customers so that they are satisfied with each of our interventions.

A design service that meets your expectations

Our design teams are trained and certified to provide our customer with the best possible support. Every client will be able to benefit from our know-how and our skills to develop the full potential of their yard through a tailor-made design, specially created for their garden. Our high level of competence allows us to carry out all kinds of landscaping, even for the most complicated terrains. All this taking into account of everybody’s expectations and their budget so that our clients project can proceed smoothly and as soon as possible with a suitable solution. Once the solution has been developed, we present it to our customer in its final version and then they will be able to validate it with an expert by making the last modifications to obtain a perfect and totally unique result.

Your bespoke Xeriscape landscaping solution

In addition to traditional yard creation, we also indicate Xeriscape landscaping solutions that ensure our clients a beautiful and well-kept garden all year round without the need to maintain it too often. Indeed, this waterless gardening solution allows the clients to beautify their outdoor spaces without having to worry about plant maintenance.

A xeriscape landscaping solution can reduce your garden’s water consumption by 25% to 100%. What a real saving of time and money in the long term. It’s also a good solution for the environment, our customer are able to consume less water for their outdoor space.

Also – their gardens will be completely self-sufficient and very little maintenance will be required to keep it in good condition. An ideal solution for people who do not have time to take care of their garden, but who still want to have an outdoor space that is pleasant to live in at any time of the year.

A totally unique tailor-made layout for each of our clients

As garden enthusiasts, we make it a point of honor to create tailor-made installations for each of our customers. This is how our designers can offer yard care solutions that combine with Xeriscape spaces to create a layout for each and everyone’s garden and make it much more welcoming.

As it is each customer their own personal outdoor spaces, we want its layout to be what they desire, which is why we ask them at each stage of the project to validate each modification and to allow us to build their garden as they have always dreamed of.

During all the project, our customers can count on our dedicated expert who stay available for all your questions.

Questions? A project?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we welcome a pleasure to accompany you and advise you. Receive your personalized offer now by requesting a quote online!
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