Established in 2022, Cali Garden Landscaping brings passion and freshness into your home. Cali Garden Landscaping was created to promote knowledge of horticulture and share Okanagan roots to create enjoyable and maintainable outdoor spaces for all. Born from a shared passion for nature, we value the satisfaction of our customers above all, and we strive to work with them to create personalized spaces in their image.


From small projects to large projects, our staff is here to help you create the unique outdoor space you want. Our experts are fully trained in the best and most modern horticultural practices. We promise to beautify and develop your yard and garden to their full potential, regardless of the complexity of the task.


Driven by its roots, our workers share their knowledge and experience to create or maintain the space you want in your yard. We want to help people maintain their garden while bringing them a real plus in its aesthetics.


Cali Garden Landscaping prides itself on its work maintaining its down-to-earth approach by personalizing its services to each client. We promote hard work, integrity and originality through all our projects, and we share the same passion as you for your outdoor space.

Kalamalka Lake in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

We provide the best lawn service based on 5 years of experience

Although our company is new, our expert team members have over five years experience working in and running landscaping crews throughout the north and central Okanagan. These years of experience have allowed us to acquire solid skills that allow us to adapt, whatever the type of landscaping project we are working on.

Why Choose Us?

We are passionate garden experts, we care about the satisfaction of our customers and a job well done. Our experience allows us to stand out and offer a high quality service.
Fastest Job

We provide fast services so that your garden is ready as soon as possible.

High Qualification

Our workers are trained and certified to provide you with the highest level of quality possible.

Clean Work

We will point you to a clean job that will not degrade the rest of the garden or its appearance. We don't leave anything lying around after our visit.

Take Care of You

We take care of each plant with gestures adapted to its needs.

Let's Bring Nature into Your Beautiful Home

Treat yourself to the garden of your dreams with the Cali Garden experts. Contact us to get a free quote and we will begin working to embellish your home with the beautiful green space it deserves!
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